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Who are we? South Carolina Brain Injury Lawyers, the Brain Injury Law Group of South Carolina, provides much-needed legal services to brain injury and head trauma victims and the families of those who suffer from either traumatic brain injury (TBI) or acquired brain injury. Our South Carolina based brain injury attorneys represent two allied law firms that combine experience to explore the medical and legal factors of each case in helping our clients achieve favorable financial and life outcomes. We serve brain injury clients throughout South Carolina – from Charleston and the coastal region to the Columbia, Florence, Greenville and Spartanburg areas.

Rosen, Rosen and Hagood

Rosen, Rosen and Hagood

( prides itself on exceptional client service, integrity and genuine concern for the needs of its clients. Founded in 1947 and based in Charleston, the firm represents businesses and individuals in complex litigation (including personal injury, wrongful death, product liability and complex damage claims).

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The Steingberg Law Firm

The Steinberg Law Firm

( has been serving the needs of working men and women for more than 75 years. The firm was one of the original framers of workers' compensation law in South Carolina, and continues to work diligently to ensure that workers' rights are protected. Steinberg Law Firm has also developed a strong reputation for its work in personal injury, social security disability, wrongful death and product liability. The firm's nine attorneys operate out of three offices--two in downtown Charleston and another in Goose Creek.

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When our client, Jimmy, picked up his daughter one afternoon, he had no way of knowing that a routine traffic accident would completely change his life. But as he drove down a busy North Charleston roadway, Jimmy suddenly confronted a car pulling into his lane from the far right - a car that a good Samaritan had casually waved through without regard for oncoming traffic. Jimmy struck the car at full force and, as a result, his neck snapped forward and back-never making contact with the windshield or steering wheel.

At the accident scene, Jimmy complained of a headache, but made his way home. Within a week, the pain had grown more severe and he visited an emergency room, where a smart doctor ordered a brain scan. The resulting image showed a major hematoma on Jimmy's left frontal lobe - the area of the brain that governs social skills and regulates emotions.

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